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The Bear Waffle Blanket

The Bear Waffle Blanket

Swans & Bluebells new embroidery bear waffle blanket

Soft & luxurious waffle off white blanket with the cutest bear embroidered on in the most beautiful brown colours, with a added brown out stitch detail

A real beautiful timeless blanket, perfect to use for a homecoming baby blanket.

Cotton is an amazing, all-natural fibre. There’s a reason it’s been used for clothing and home goods for centuries; it’s nature’s gift to cloth. (OK, so that sounds hokey. But it’s true! No, really! Read…

Waffle weave cotton blankets are incredibly durable. Canningvale waffle blankets, for instance, are so well-made that you’ll use them for many years to come. In today’s throwaway culture, we’ve forgotten what it’s like to buy quality products that last. So many of the fabric blends out there fade, fray, and begin to break down within a few months. Not 100% cotton. Cotton waffle blankets are also one of the warmest blankets you could have.

The best purchase you could purchase for your baby or as a baby gift

Approx size 110x140CM